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Embark on an exciting exploratory journey with our exclusive city tour program that will take you to discover the cultural and historical charms of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

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FULL DAY City Tour

Immerse yourself in the architectural richness of its Historic Center, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as you stroll through cobblestone streets and explore majestic colonial churches. Then, take a unique pause in time in "La Mitad del Mundo", where you will have the opportunity to be simultaneously in the northern and southern hemispheres. Combining the architectural beauty of Quito with the geographic fascination of the Middle of the World, offering a comprehensive experience that captures the unique essence of Ecuador, embark with us on a journey that fuses history, culture and geography in a single adventure!



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Basilica of the National Vow

Its neo-Gothic style with gargoyles and Ecuadorian fauna is truly impressive, and no wonder! Because of its dimensions and style, it is considered the largest neo-Gothic temple in America and the highest religious temple in Latin America. It is definitely an architectural jewel worth visiting!


Plaza Grande

This beautiful square is the heart of the city and has been the scene of many important moments in the history of Ecuador. In its center, stands the Monument to Independence (Quito), a tribute to the heroes of August 10, 1809, a date that began the process of independence of Spanish America. The Independence Square is surrounded by emblematic historical buildings such as the majestic Carondelet Palace, the impressive Metropolitan Cathedral, the Archbishop's Palace of Quito and the Municipal Palace. How exciting to be able to walk through this square and enjoy the historical legacy it holds!


San Francisco Church

The Church and Convent of San Francisco is absolutely impressive! This architectural complex is the largest within the historical centers of all America, which has earned it to be known as "the Escorial of the New World". It is a jewel of architecture due to its mixture of different styles that were combined throughout more than 150 years of construction. The main altar is simply majestic, highlighting the great baroque altarpiece covered with gold leaf. The sculptures that adorn it, particularly the "Virgin of Quito" by Legarda and the "Jesus of the Great Power" by Father Carlos, are simply exceptional. Both artists are outstanding members of the Quito school of art. Without a doubt, a visit to the Church and Convent of San Francisco is a must for any lover of history and architecture!


Primada de Quito Cathedral

We will tell you about the impressive church and convent of San Ignacio de Loyola de La Compañía de Jesús de Quito, affectionately known as La Compañía. What is most striking is its facade carved in beautiful volcanic stone and the interior decorated with 23 carat gold leaf. Its architectural value is indisputable, being considered one of the most important examples of baroque art in the Americas and the world. Despite having been built over a period of 160 years and by different architects, the temple maintains a cohesive baroque style, definitely a place worth visiting!


Primada de Quito Cathedral

The Primate Cathedral of Quito is one of the most important churches in the city. Its history dates back to 1535, when, after the Spanish foundation of Quito, the streets were laid out and plots of land were assigned to the inhabitants of the city, giving the entire southern sector of what would become the Plaza Mayor to the first priest of Quito, Presbyter Juan Rodriguez. Its construction encompasses various styles such as baroque, Mudejar, rococo, neo-Gothic and neoclassical. It also has an important collection of works of art, such as "La sábana santa" by Caspicara, "La Muerte de la Virgen" by Miguel de Santiago and "La negación de San Pedro", among other important colonial paintings.


Church of the Society of Jesus

The church and convent of San Ignacio de Loyola de La Compañía de Jesús de Quito, known simply as La Compañía, stands out for its facade carved in volcanic stone and its interior covered with 23-carat gold leaf. This construction is considered one of the most important expressions of baroque architecture in the American continent and in the world. Due to its construction over 160 years and with the participation of different architects, the temple combines four styles in its architecture, being baroque art the predominant one.


El Panecillo

Did you know that El Panecillo is a wonderful natural elevation of 3,000 meters high located in the heart of the city of Quito? This place is an excellent natural viewpoint that offers a breathtaking view of the city. Here you can find the famous sculpture of the Virgin of El Panecillo, also known as the Virgin of Quito, which is 41 meters high and is considered the tallest aluminum sculpture in the world. It is a must visit if you are in Quito, you won't regret it!


Intiñán Interactive Museum

Inti ñan" derives from the Quichua words Inti (sun) and Ñan (path), which means that Intiñan translates as "Path of the sun". In the Intiñan Museum, you can explore the history of the ancestral peoples, learn about their dwellings and ways of life, as well as discover sundials. In addition, in an interactive way, you will be able to perform various experiments at latitude 0.


Middle of the World City

The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is a cultural complex that houses the monument to the Middle of the World. Its purpose is to highlight the exact location of the equatorial line, from which the country takes its name, and also to highlight the 18th century Franco-Spanish geodesic mission that determined the approximate site through which the equatorial line passes. In addition, the complex includes the Ethnographic Museum on the country's indigenous cultures, four pavilions with permanent exhibits, a Planetarium, a miniature model of colonial Quito, handicraft stores and typical food restaurants.


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