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Piranha Lodge

Welcome to Piranha Lodge, a unique refuge in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve, Ecuador.

We invite you to visit this magical place!

Discover the essence of the Amazon rainforest with our cozy and sustainable accommodations, immersing yourself in the amazing biodiversity and vibrant culture of the region. With unforgettable experiences that include exciting expeditions and cultural encounters, Piranha Lodge invites you to explore the wonder of the Ecuadorian Amazon while contributing to its preservation. Join us for an authentic adventure in the heart of the Cuyabeno at Piranha Lodge!

We invite you to explore the Amazon rainforest with sustainable accommodations and enriching experiences, immersing you in the unique biodiversity and captivating regional culture.



  • Transportation Quito - Lago Agrio round trip
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Lunch
  • Unspecified items



Arrival at the Lodge

We will meet in Lago Agrio between 9:00 am and 9:30 am, where we will take private transportation to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve. At this point, we will check in at the Reserve office and then board the canoe. Here our naturalist guide will give us information about the Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to begin the two-hour canoe trip down the Cuyabeno River to Piranha Ecolodge. During the canoe trip we will be able to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna found in the jungle. We will also be able to see some of the 10 species of monkeys, birds and other animals of the jungle, depending on time and weather conditions. We will arrive at Piranha Ecolodge around 1:30 pm. We will enjoy lunch and afterwards, we will be assigned our rooms and we will be able to relax for a few minutes. Afterwards, we will go out in a motor canoe and take a tour around the Laguna Grande to observe the flora and fauna of the area. An interesting fact to keep in mind is that there is a good chance of seeing pink dolphins. Have your camera ready! Then we will go to the middle of the Laguna Grande to watch the sunset and swim. After our refreshing swim we will return to camp for dinner and finally we will take a one hour night walk to spot arachnids, amphibians and hopefully reptiles! We finish our first day in the jungle, relaxing in the hammocks or enjoying a cold beer at the bar.



After breakfast at 8:00 am, at 9:30 am we will take a day hike in the primary forest, where the guide will explain about the ecology of the Amazon rainforest, the plants, flora and fauna, as well as the interactions of the ecosystems with the greatest biodiversity on Earth. After lunch, we will take a break in the hammocks or rooms for the next activity. In the afternoon, we will go by motorized canoe to take a tour and look for animals in the trees, such as monkeys, a great variety of birds, snakes, among others. Then we will go to the Laguna Grande to wait for the sunset and swim. At 7:00 pm we will have dinner. Afterwards, we will go out in search of caimans, snakes and nocturnal birds from the motor canoe.



We will start our day with a delicious breakfast at 8:00 am. At 9:00 am we will head downriver to the Siona Community of Puerto Bolivar, where we will be welcomed by one of the native women who will take us to the yucca plantation to harvest yucca. With her help, she will show us the preparation of one of their traditional foods, the cassava flatbread. Immediately after this activity, the guide will introduce us to one of the last 4 shamans of the Siona tribe in Ecuador, who will explain their cosmovision directly related to the Ayahuasca drink. We will perform a part of the energetic cleansing ritual with chants that come from an ancient oral tradition from shaman to apprentice. Afterwards, we will make a brief tour of this place in search of snakes and other animals that we may encounter. In addition, we will find one of the largest trees in Ecuador: The Ceibo, where we can take pictures and hug this tree for lots of good energy. After lunch, in the afternoon we will make a stop at the Laguna Grande, where you can swim and watch the sunset. Afterwards, we will return to the lodge for dinner.


Last day

At 5:30 am we will take a sunrise and bird watching tour. At 8:00 am we will have breakfast at the lodge and prepare for our return to the Cuyabeno Bridge. Once at the bridge, we will enjoy our box lunch and be picked up by the private bus that will take us back to Lago Agrio. From there, we can return to Quito by bus or plane, or continue our journey to other wonderful territories of Ecuador.


  • All rates are in U.S. dollars and per person.
  • Rates apply throughout 2024, except on Ecuadorian holidays.
  • Tours for 1 to 3 passengers are conducted with a guide-driver; in case a different service is required, a supplement applies.
  • Rates in the itineraries are per person according to the type of room, hotel and activities detailed in this document.
  • Rates for jungle programs are per person according to room type and hotel category indicated and include all activities and meals detailed in the itinerary.
  • Nights at the hotels indicated in the itineraries include breakfast and taxes.
  • If local taxes change, rates will be updated and tour operators will be informed and itineraries updated.
  • Outlet Viajes reserves the right to modify itineraries due to unforeseen events or national regulations. Tour operators will be informed and itineraries updated accordingly.

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